The Politics of Dogs

Having looked at “The Politics of Kittens”, it is only natural now to consider the Politics of Dogs. Since dogs are generally the complete opposite of cats, one would reasonably expect them to be the opposite of cats politically.

Dogs are pack animals. They run together when in the wild, and when domesticated, look fondly towards walks where they can meet their own types. This gives us a very good insight into their politics.

The dog pack is led by a strong Alpha Dog who keeps the others in line. The Democrats have their own Alpha Dog, Nancy Pelosi, who has effectively controlled and kept the party in line for over a decade, so Democrats resemble dogs in that manner.

The Alpha Dog is constantly being challenged in the right to lead the pack. Pelosi is facing the same challenges now to her leadership from the Ocasio Cortez faction in the party. Pelosi will use all manner of tactics to remain in power, just like the Alpha Dog.

When not in the pack, the dog is a completely different animal. The behaviors that it exhibits are characteristic of the typical Democrat. We only need to look at their behavior when domesticated to understand how a dog and a Democrat is alike.

Dogs are unlike cats in that they are dependent upon their own “government”, in this case the family unit. The family must take care of the dog and provide for everything, a characteristic that Democrats everywhere have in common.

Dogs bark at anything and nothing, signaling a threat where none exists. This is a common problem with Democrat politicians, especially the leadership like Pelosi, Schumer and others. They threaten everything from catastrophe to financial ruin in their loudest voices, with nothing occurring.

Dogs can sleep 16 hours per day or more, reminding me of Rush Limbaugh announcing daily “It’s 11 am, time for Welfare Mothers to get up!”

Dogs are promiscuous (yes, cats also) spreading their legs and tails whenever in heat and allowing any dog to try and impregnate them, a characteristic that seems to be common among Democrat women. Then the family and the state are left to take care of each.

Dogs are like lemmings. They follow their human everywhere, without concern. Just like Democrats following their leader, Pelosi.

Dogs have no concern about where they leave their “waste.” We see it everywhere, sidewalks, streets, parks. The Democrat is just like dogs with their waste. Go to any Democrat public rally and you see the waste of the participants.

These are just a few of the ways that dogs are like Democrats. It would be wise for the Democrats to change their party symbol to the dog to better reflect how they are similar to dogs.

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Written by PatrickPu

Been a cementer from Day 1 and invited to collaborate with Fossten on an Eminent Domain article in March 2016. That "mistake" by Fossten led to me taking a more active blogging role, much to the regret of cementers and other mods alike.

Current focus is on legal issues related to lending, foreclosure, the CFPB and Real Estate in general. Also specialize in "California Stupid" articles, showing how my home state is so totally wacko.

Provides background and context to the issues of the day which frequently sees me tossed in the Sparta Dungeon from what I write.

My dog Gigi assists me in writing, grammar and spell checking. She has her own series, "The Adventures of Gigi" which she writes when not playing, eating, sleeping, or taking walks.

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