Best Memes of the Week: Here For Teh Funny

Time for another memes thread, where I see how many memes can offend and upset the readers.

For starters, make sure you have your reading glasses:

And maybe call for an Uber if you’ve had a few cold ones:

Then spin the wheel & win stupid prizes! (via ThePeoplesCube)

Death needs to stop playing the crane machine:


Speaking of of morbid humor:

Some gaming humor:

2019, the year of raped childhoods

Ok, how many of you would buy this if it were real?

Ain’t that the ducking truth:

I know I said that we’d try to cut down on the AOC memes, but it’s just too difficult. Besides, if we’re lucky, the Dinocrats will have her removed from office for pulling the same corrupt practices at making money that they all do:

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