Best Memes Of The Week: Bribes For Memes Edition

Welcome to another edition of the Best Memes of the Week. I’ve curated these from my own web surfing explorations, with many out there sharing some gems. How do I decide what goes here? It has to make me laugh at least once when I first see it. Otherwise, the science behind the picks is Ultra-Top-Secret Classified and can only be shared on illegal bathroom servers owned by Democrat politicians.

Let’s start by asking the tough questions on the EduRigg Scheme:

While staying current with today’s news:

For Buzzfeed’s next thought-provoking piece, the latest “You won’t believe what these 3 child actors look like today!”

In case you need an extra reason to be depressed about modern civilization…

I’m sure the selfie toaster guy’s LinkedIn profile goes something like this:

Another smart cookie:

Pretty good training…I’ve been there before 😛

It’s never intentional when it involves fellow Democrats

I betcha didn’t know there was such a thing as Islamic Popcorn. Check it out!

Gropey Joe already has a cartoon doppleganger, who would have guessed?

It’s an uphill battle to reclaim the culture, but there’s no harm in trying

Pretty sure this is an old one, but whatever:

I think we could all be behind this. Just she and her staff should go down there, no Evil Guns are needed to protect her since everything is goin’ swell:

Allrighty kids, time to share your favorite memes in the comments!

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