How do you solve a problem like Big Tech censorship?

Facebook zeros out ZeroHedge

Alternatives to Facebook

So the Masters of the Facebook Universe have decided that ZeroHedge is not appropriate for sharing.

Not being particularly techy despite being a world-famous blogging head (hey, I just Oddball my way through around here. I get my gruel to drive the tank, not to know how it works…) I shared a Missive of Concern about the ZeroHedge censorship with my old pal Dibarcus, who does know a thing or three about all things high tech.

I share his wisdom on this matter here:

If you want to spearhead a movement to change the world, here’s a simple idea for dealing with ideological censorship on Facebook, Google, etc:
The FCC introduced a doctrine many years ago to protect “common carriers” - The laws were designed to prevent the phone company or telegraph services from being sued because someone sent “something bad” over the wire.
It has been applied since that time to internet service providers, who cannot be sued or prosecuted for what their subscribers pass through. The carrier is held to be blameless as long as they don’t claim to filter any of the content.
Now it appears that Facebook and friends do filter the content. And I claim they are not common carriers and are not protected by that legislation. Consequently, they are responsible for all harm that comes from what their users publish or transmit though their services.
This opens a rather large barn door 
Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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