Michael Avenatti And Stormy Daniels Split

Who broke up with whom?

Today marks the end of an era, my friends. Earlier this afternoon professional charlatan…err…lawyer Michael Avenatti announced that he and his most (in)famous client, Stormy Daniels, were parting ways.

Avenatti’s firm “terminated” their representation with Stormy back in February. Why wait to announce it until almost one month later? That’s a question which Avenatti, as per his statement, will most likely refuse to answer.

Michael Avenatti’s announcement comes amidst some rough times for the “respected” attorney to the stars. Why in just the last year Avenatti has been subjected to such indignities as:

  1. His law firm evicted and sued for $213,254 after refusing to pay the rent.
  2.  Being booked on a felony domestic violence charge after his girlfriend accused him of beating her. Luckily the charge was reduced to misdemeanor battery.
  3. Single-handedly ensuring that Brett Kavanaugh would become Justice Brett Kavanaugh by parading one Julie Swetnick in front of the national media. Swetnick, you may recall, alleged that a teenage Brett Kavanaugh was actually a devious gang rapist who made a habit of drugging and raping girls at parties. Julie Swetnick directly accused Kavanaugh of drugging her with alcohol that was one proof away from jet fuel and raping her at one such party. After this insane accusation public opinion on Kavanaugh turned against the Democrats pretty damn quick.
  4. Did I mention that Avenatti submitted Swetnick’s sworn testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee? He did, and that little mistake led to both of them being referred for criminal prosecution for lying to Congress. Oops.
  5. Stormy Daniels herself felt the sting of Michael Avenatti’s “brilliant legal mind” when he apparently sued Donald Trump for defamation of character without her consent. That suit led to Stormy being forced to pay Trump’s legal fees.
  6. Just last week Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit to void the NDA that she signed with Trump was tossed by the same federal judge that ruled against her in the defamation case. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had rescinded the NDA previously. The judge ruled that the case was unnecessary given that Stormy got exactly what she wanted already.

Michael Avenatti has suffered all of this and more, of course. I would list out Avenatti’s entire sordid history over the last two years, but Sparta Report only has so much bandwidth.

Given all of that, one has to wonder who broke up with whom here. Did Michael Avenatti really decide to terminate his arrangement with the person who had previously been his meal ticket? Did Stormy Daniels finally come to her senses and decide to kick her shyster lawyer to the curb?

Stormy Daniels herself posted a very interesting tweet on Twitter shortly after Avenatti made his announcement.

Short, sweet, and to the point. My guess is Stormy finally realized exactly how “brilliant” Michael Avenatti really is.


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