Trial begins for Somali cop accused in murder of Australian yoga teacher

Justice for Justine

The long awaited trial of the Somali police officer accused of shooting Australian yoga teacher Justine Damond begins on Monday at the Hennepin  County Government Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The shooting caused an international firestorm of criticism regarding the actions of Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor in his response to the victim’s 911 call and stoked criticism of his qualifications for hiring by the police department.

Major media from Australia have descended on the Twin Cities to cover the trial.

Select inks to recent stories from Minneapolis-St. Paul television, radio and print outlets follow:

The trial of ex-cop Mohamed Noor: What you need to know  - Minnesota Public Radio


Noor’s trial will be closely watched in U.S. and Australia - KARE11 


Judge restricts media, public access to fired Minneapolis officer’s murder trial - StarTribune


Ruszczyk’s Father Questions Why MPD Hired Noor - KSTP5


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