Hank the Dachshund Eats Bacon While Watching the Democrat Debate Clown Show

×Here we go with the craziness.

I’m just a harmless wiener dog, but I follow politics.

As a humble and harmless house dog, I admit I don’t know as much as some of those fancy political pundits.

When I was three years old, I finally figured out the best way to determine what was best for America politically was to watch what the Democlowns were doing and saying, and then support the opposite policy position.

I have a full package of Bacon-flavored Beggin’ Strips™, and am curled up in my designer doggie bed in front of the TV to compile enemy information.

Should be good for a few laughs, as well.

Enjoy the Democrat clown show, and see you in the cements!

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Written by Bizchuck

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