Hank the Dachshund’s Predictions on the Democlown Debate Tonight

Last night’s Democlown debate was a bit surprising to Hank the Dachshund, who has been busily emailing me all day after watching last night’s clown show.

Hank was a little surprised that the no-chance moderates challenged the hard-left Commies as effectively as they did, although obviously they were given no air time, and thus radicals Bernie and Lizzie won the day.

Hank called a couple of times on his cell phone, barking about how Warren was screeching like an insane poodle, and pointing out that Bernie looked old, past his shelf life, and ready for the kennel.

My politically active Dashshund has a couple of predictions, along with a couple of questions, about round two of the Clown Show, scheduled for tonight at 8 PM Eastern time.

Tonight’s debate will feature nominal front runner Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Corey Booker as the most-watched participants, along with a host of others whose names Hank can’t remember.

I asked Hank what he looked for from Joe Biden tonight, and he yelped.

Hank says Sleepy Joe will try to pull off a tough Midwestern guy act to counteract his poor performance in the first debate, but will almost certainly have a Biden moment and stick his foot in his mouth.  Hank says Joe was never very bright to begin with, and that he is clearly getting a little long in the tooth.

What about Kamala, I asked my studious pet?

Hank howled hideously.

Says that his canine sources tell him that Kamala accepted campaign donations from Donald Trump in 2011, and that somebody may drop that on her tonight, along with questions about her locking up minorities in Cali for dealing in leafy green illegal stuff.

I asked about Spartacus.

“Corey Booker is the wrong sex and color this year.  The nominee will not be a black man.  The Dems have already done that”.

Exit questions from my lovable house dog:

Will the worthless challengers attack Biden, and if so, will he fight back effectively?

How many times will the Democlowns accuse Trump of being a racist tonight?

Hank is a very, very good boy.

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