Garbage Newsweek Reporter Doxes Hero Canine

What a jackass…

Monday afternoon President Trump tweeted out a picture of the hero dog who chased ISIS founder and all-around garbage human being Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a tunnel during a US special forces raid.

Al-Baghdadi, of course, took the coward’s way out and blew himself up before he could be captured, killing three of his children in the process. This Very Good Doggo was also injured in the blast, but has since returned to active duty.

Newsweek Doxes Hero Canine Steak
After hopefully getting a big reward, of course…

 President Trump mentioned in his tweet that while the dog’s picture had been declassified his (her?) name was not. That was enough for one “intrepid” (garbage) journalist from Newsweek to go digging for the hottest scoop of the week.

That’s right, folks. James LaPorta, reporter for Newsweek covering the Department of Defense and a military adviser for the hit show “This Is Us” dug deep, pulled out all the stops…and provided us with the possible name of a dog for reasons that I’m sure would make sense if we spent day after day marinating in the fake news culture of a magazine that was sold for just $1.00 US.

Newsweek Doxes Hero Canine Dollar
Seriously, one friggin dollar…

Oh, it gets better.

A few Twits felt that James may not have shown the best judgement in doxing Conan.

Did James relent and admit that doxing the military dog that had literally had a paw in killing the most notorious terrorist in the world and who is, ostensibly, still in a war zone may not have been prudent?


Did James throw up his hands and admit that his Pulitzer-prize winning scoop wasn’t really news and was instead a rather bitchy way of attempting to hit Orange Man Bad because racism?


What James did was retweet two other Twits in a passive aggressive, Mean Girls attempt to justify taking up bandwidth with his banality.

Such hard-hitting journalism. Truly, James LaPorta is the Edward R. Murrow of our modern age.

Personally, I think Sidney Harman paid way too much.


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