Florida Woos New York Business After Amazon Fallout

New York’s Loss is Florida’s Gain

Florida is going after business in New York. Businesses who are headquartered there are concerned about how unfriendly the business climate is there after state lawmakers chased out Amazon:

Two weeks after Amazon announced it was abandoning its deal to come to Queens because of vocal opposition from local officials and activists, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has swooped into the city to tell major financial firms that they won’t have such problems in his state.

“Florida is a place where businesses can do well without having to face some of the political hostility that they deal with in other parts of the country,” the Republican said in a meeting Thursday with six companies, according to his office.

“Our posture here is one of welcoming, not one of demagoguery and prejudice.”

The companies included ­JPMorgan Chase.

Government watchdog E.J. McMahon, of the Empire Center, warned that the Amazon ordeal would be noticed by other firms.

“The Amazon fiasco definitely sent a signal, and it’s not a good signal from multiple angles,” McMahon said.

“Governor DeSantis couldn’t have picked a better time to work on poaching New York businesses, especially high earners in finance. More than a few will no doubt find it tempting to at least listen to Florida’s pitch.”


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