Jay Sekulow Destroys Brian Williams With The Mueller Report

Truly epic!

The media narrative that emerged just after the Mueller Report was released Thursday was a perplexing one. Mainstream Media hacks didn’t attempt to refute Robert Mueller’s assertions that he was unable to find evidence of collusion or obstruction. They didn’t even attempt to apologize for getting Russia collusion wrong for two years.

Instead, the Media took issue with President Trump’s assertion that the Mueller Report vindicated and exonerated him. Leftist pundits took aim at Attorney General Bill Barr in particular when he characterized the Mueller Report in this way during his Thursday morning press conference.

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow appeared on MSNBC with literal fake news anchor Brian Williams to discuss the Mueller report. During the course of the interview Brian Williams asked Sekulow how Attorney General Bill Barr could state that the Mueller Report cleared President Trump of collusion with Russia.

Jay Sekulow completely destroyed and embarrassed Brian Williams using Robert Mueller’s own words directly from his report. To say it was epic is an understatement.

Brian Williams is a documented liar. Williams most infamously lied about being in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003, but he’s also lied about flying into Iraq with Seal Team Six, being in Berlin the day the Berlin Wall came down, and meeting Pope John Paul.

It’s hardly surprising that Williams would like about the actual content of the Mueller Report. Luckily Jay Sekulow was on hand to set the record straight.

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