Mainstream American Media To Murdered US Citizens: You Were Just Asking For It!

The victims just had it coming to them!

As you likely heard on Tuesday, 9 U.S. citizens - 3 adult women and six children (two of which were 8 month old twins) - were murdered in northern Mexico in yet another brutal example of the institutionalized violence that marks the society south of our border. While Mexican authorities have captured a suspect who they say was armed with weapons that match up with spent rounds, the initial reaction from President Trump in regards to the news has naturally caused the American Media to instantly take the side of the barbaric cartels, because Orange Man Bad.

Let’s start with the tweet that just has elites here in the US and Mexico clutching their pearls as usual (the “shot”):

As also expected, the rabid Leftist president of Mexico declined that help with the typical mealy mouthed cowardice that one expects from the likes of Limp Romney. Speaking of that weasel, Senator Pierre Delecto had just as worthless a response taken from his Rolodex of canned responses ready to go. The cartels are sure to change their ways anytime now, just send a few more hugs their way!

Now for the chaser - since we can’t have any possibility that the US might exact vengeance on our murdered citizens from a President who has shown he’ll take such action, let’s blame the victims for their murders:

  1. NY Post. Let’s heavily imply that one of the moms was helping make babies for a sex cult, despite zero evidence that she had any involvement whatsoever with Nxivm!

2. LA Times - hold our craft beer. They - including the babies - were just asking for it thanks to a violent ancestor of theirs…who died in 1981. That no one in the family would have even known the guy isn’t important - we must blame the religious, white victims, and not the murderers who do the type of savage killing that Americans just won’t do:

Then to pile on, Mexican authorities (when I think of integrity and honor, I totally think of Mexican officials, don’t you?) have also been quick to blame the vehicles that the women were driving as provoking the attack, which also adds to the tally of murders that “authorities” love to blame on SUVs. What were women with that many kids supposed to be driving?

This will probably shock you, but the whole “mistaken convoy” story is already seen as a lie. The two women were in separate locations from the other when they were killed, yet were assaulted at the same time. Mexican authorities lying? Well knock me over with a feather.

Next I imagine we’ll get a story about why it’s bad that these moms decided to have large families and that they can only blame themselves for bringing these children into the world instead of using the State-approved preemptive baby murder mechanism known as abortion.

[Although, let me be fair here - Fox News has not been writing articles to blame the victims, by what I’ve seen so far]

I certainly hope that there aren’t more examples of such despicable writing to add to this post after publication. But it’s the “enemy of the people” that we’re talking about here, so keep your expectations in line.

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