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Pu dumps on Dem Presidential Candidates

It is now one month since the start of the 2020 election cycle, which began on Jan 1, 2019. As of this date, there are ten announced candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Let’s take a quick look at the candidates, both know and unknown.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, the Dem Jr Senator from California, is the current choice of the liberal media. NBC and other outlets are pushing her hard, as the “black and female O’bama.

Harris was born to a Jamaican father and Tamil Indian mother. She has held political offices including the CA Attorney General and current Senator from California.

Harris owes her political career to the former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown. As a wee lass of 29 years while Willie was 60 years, Kamala was the benefactor of Willies amorous nature, being his extra-marital consort. Kamala earned her start in politics through Willie’s “largesse” in providing her lucrative positions to launch her political career.

Harris has stated her support for “A New Green Deal”, “Medicare for All”, “Criminalizing private gun sales and an Assault Weapons Ban”, “Support for DACA, and DACA parents Amnesty”, “opposition to a Border Wall”, “Reduced Immigration Enforcement” and an “end to the Fossil Fuel Industry.”

While being a media favorite, Harris has a major problem at this time. Her support generally lies with the West Coast states. She has no natural support in the other Western states, the Midwest, the South or the Southern Atlantic Coastal states.

Harris also lacks support in the Northeast liberal states down to Maryland. In these states, she has Democratic opposition which reduces her ability to garner additional support in the primaries.

Harris has one trait that will serve her badly while running for the nomination. She has a mean and vicious streak in her dealings with opponents. Coming from her days as a prosecutor, she attacks anyone like a potential criminal as revealed during the Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings. This does not play well for her during a presidential run.

It is likely that Harris will win only a few primary states and will fall far short of having the votes to get the Dem nomination. Unless she uses her female latent talent with me across America……..

Cory Booker aka Spartacus

For the Number 2 selection, we look at Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. A Senator since 2013, Booker is a single black male who was also involved in the Kavanaugh hearings. Like Harris, he behaved in a despicable manner towards Kavanaugh.

Booker’s signature campaign promise is to enact a program where every person born in the US would upon birth, be given a $1000 savings account that would be accessible to the person on turning 18 years of age. Each year, depending upon the income of the parents, the government would contribute more to the account. By the age of 18, the account would have tens of thousands of dollars in it, with estimates of gross amounts of $50,000 or more, all funded through tax dollars.

Booker also supports a “Federal Jobs Guarantee Program”, “Refundable Housing Credit” program for low income renters, “New anti-competitive hiring practices laws”, “Medicare for All”, “Legalized Marijuana”, “Federal money to areas most hurt by war on drugs”, and for “Improving treatment of incarcerated women.”

Not only will Booker face opposition from Republican and Independent voters for his governmental expansionist views, he will also have to answer questions from the Left about his criticism of President Obama for being too hard on Wall Street and taking millions of dollars in money from financial interests. As well, his support for charter schools and votes against allowing Canadian prescription drugs to be imported into the US to lower drug costs will be questioned.

Perhaps the biggest problem for Booker will be his marital status. No single male has been elected to the Presidency in over 100 years. Though he denies it, there have been consistent rumors of Booker being a closet gay. This will hound him through any Presidential Election run.

Booker should have greater appeal than Harris, but he will not have the South or Midwest on his side. He may win a handful of primary states, but there would not be enough victories to keep him in the running.

Elizabeth Warren

Our next candidate is Elizabeth Warren, the Cherokee Indian Princess. The junior Senator from Massachusetts, Warren’s original hopes had been to head the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, created under President Obama. When that fell through, Senator from Massachusetts became her next calling before deciding upon a run for President.

Warren is the true Progressive, hoping to take over the Bernie Sander’s legacy, even with him still alive. If she can usurp Sanders, she hopes that it will lead to the Democratic nomination.

Warren has staked out far left positions on a number of items. She believes in “Medicare for All”, “No SCOTUS appointments” if there is an anti-abortion stance, “Pro Planned Parenthood”, “a more powerful CFPB” including greater oversight of Wall Street and Banks, “Equal Pay for Equal Work”, “Amnesty and No Border Wall”, “increased Gun Control”, and “Legalized Marijuana.”

As well, Warren is a Clean Energy advocate, calling for the elimination of fossil fuels. She also believes that the Criminal Justice system is raqcist.

To pay for her pet programs, Senator Warren advocates for new taxes on the “Uber Rick.” For those who have assets over $1 billion dollars, she wants to institute a wealth tax of 3% for anything above the $1 billion marks. Above $50 million in assets, she calls for a 2% wealth tax. She estimates that the taxes would bring in approximately $2.5 trillion dollars over 10 years or $250 billion per year. She also proposes a Wealth Confiscation Tax of 40% total wealth for those people who leave the country.

Warren’s numbers simply do not add up. For a one time wealth tax payment, US billionaires would need total assets of $25 trillion which is not a realistic number. So to reach her goals, the Wealth Tax would need to be a yearly tax, which would quickly erode billionaire’s wealth.

Warren has far more problems than her Wealth Tax plan. She must still contend with her Fake Cherokee Indian history and using that minority claim to advance her career over other people. People will not forgive her for her transgressions.

As well, Warren does not come off as a likeable person. This will deny her potential support from the South, Midwest, and other areas of the country. Combined with her unrealistic tax programs, Warren will not be able to generate the support to go deep into a primary campaign.

Julian Castro

Julian Castro. Who? Julian Castro. Who? Who dat?

In the Obama Administration, Julian Castro was the Secretary of HUD. Prior to that, he was the Mayor of San Antonio.

Castro is another in a series of liberal progressive Democrats seeking the Presidency. As a Progressive, Castro has indicated support for “Amnesty for Illegals”, “No Border Wall”, “Federal Funding for Green Jobs”, “Universal Health Care”, “Greater Gun Control”, and a “Return to the Paris Accords.”

To pay for his pet programs, Castro advocates for increased taxes on both the Wealthy and Corporations. No consideration has been given to what the programs will cost or how much taxes would need to be increased.

Besides being another “tax and spend” Progressive, Castro suffers from a lack of public recognition. Few people know of him and his positions. In a crowded field, he will find himself “crowded out” quickly.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard, House member from Hawaii, is an interesting person to look at. She is perhaps the most “conservative Democrat” running for the Presidency. But that is not saying much.

Gabbard is Pro Choice with no limitations. She now supports Same Sex Marriage where in the past, she did not.

Gabbard is an environmentalist who supports more government spending. She supports expanding ObamaCare, and likely Medicare for all.

Gabbard, as with all Democrats, supports Automatic Voter Registration. She wants to reduce Defense Spending, and an end to Bulk Data Collection under the Patriot Act.

Gabbard could be a surprise entry into the Democratic Presidential Primary. She has just enough moderate leanings where she could be an alternative to the Far Left Candidates. Plus, she has a better personality and likeability factor.

Gabbard, to do well, must generate a campaign where she can overcome her lack of public recognition. She is expanding her recognition by appearing regularly on Fox News and other programs. But there will have to be greater recognition in the continental US to overcome her Hawaii roots.

Watch for her. If she catches fire, she could be a real threat to win the Democratic nomination.

Kirstin Gillibrand

Gillibrand, the “other” New York Senator, has thrown her hat into the ring. A classic progressive, she has expressed support for “Medicare for All”, “Federal Jobs Guarantee”, “the DREAM Act and DACA”, “Paid Family Leave”, and “the $15 an hour Minimum Wage.”

Gillibrand shows her true Progressive roots with her demand for the Abolishment of ICE.

So far, Gillibrand has evidenced no ability to catch fire with Democratic voters. She is viewed as just another New York politician. Her strength lies only in New York and outside of that area, she has no native appeal.

Don’t expect her to win more than the New York primary, and even then, it should be close.

Peter Buttegieg

Someone who has little to no public visibility, Peter Bettegieg is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
Buttegieg is openly gay, and has married his “husband, wife, or whatever you call” his partner. His gayness is his single claim to real fame.

Buttegieg supports “Freedom from Credit Card debt” touting it as a major evil, but provides no clue about how he will “solve” this problem. He also supports “Medicare for All.”

Forget about Buttegieg going anywhere. His candidacy is nothing more than an ego trip. He will be gone from the race before the first primary.

Marianne Williamson

Oprah’s spiritual adviser, Marianne Williamson announced her candidacy for the Presidency in January. An author of 12 books is her only claim to fame outside of her relationship to Oprah.

Williamson advocates the spending of $100 billion for reparations for Slavery and the Racial Divide. She holds liberal immigration views and Open Border policies.

Williamson has no hope of winning any state primary. She will probably finish last in any state. Her unstated reasons for running must be to sell more books.

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is another unknown running for office. An entrepreneur in hi tech and an author, Yang advocates for Medicare for All. He also supports providing every adult in the US with a Universal Basic Income of $1000 per month to be paid for by new taxes on Hi Tech industries.

Expect that my writing about Yang will likely be the only time you ever hear the name.

John Delaney

John Delaney is a Maryland Congressional House member. Another unknown outside Maryland, Delany advocates for Same Sex Marriage, Women’s Rights, and Gay Rights.

Delaney is a rabid supporter of government involvement in education. He supports more student loans and Pell Grants for college, while opposing school vouchers.

A typical Progressive, Delaney is for ObamaCare and Medicare for All. He also supports DACA and the Dream Act with a Path to Citizenship.

Additional views include greater gun control, anti concealed carry reprocity, and strong environmental laws and renewable energy sources.

Don’t expect much out of Delaney.

And there you have it, today’s current crop of Democratic Presidential candidates. No one looks good for the nation or appears to have any chance of winning.

Expect that there is still some unknown person who will come out of nowhere to capture the nomination.


Written by PatrickPu

Been a cementer from Day 1 and invited to collaborate with Fossten on an Eminent Domain article in March 2016. That "mistake" by Fossten led to me taking a more active blogging role, much to the regret of cementers and other mods alike.

Current focus is on legal issues related to lending, foreclosure, the CFPB and Real Estate in general. Also specialize in "California Stupid" articles, showing how my home state is so totally wacko.

Provides background and context to the issues of the day which frequently sees me tossed in the Sparta Dungeon from what I write.

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