Best Memes Of The Week - State Of A Union

It seems that every week that we publish this, some meme out there has been banned by some Left-wing socialist media (oops, social media) company. The knuckle-draggers at Buzzfeed are super triggered by this image, so share it far and wide (the truth stings, Buzzy):

Meanwhile in Virginia:

Off of the politics for a moment as we get into cats and dogs

How’s everyone doing with all of that global warming outside?

Gamer humor

So brave! Meanwhile, state the scientific fact that there are only two genders, and that earns you a ban from Twitch.

Who do we need to complain to to get a RBG Sighting Clock around here?

AOC, the Walking Meme

Bonus AOC:

Comment below and let’s see what you’ve got!

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