Best Memes Of The Week: Barr’ed, Tested & Ready

EDIT: Adding this PJW video about another meme taking the world by storm and upset SJW’s in droves.

Many tears have been shed this weekamong the elite, although I have a hunch that Assange’s arrest and the timing is their last grasp at an attempt to push “obstruction” as Wikileaks working as some kind of Trump/Russian middle man op. Anyways, onto funnier thoughts:

With Black Holes in the news, and the internet being about cats…:

When every number you see is just a game to you:

I need to do this for my teenage son, who will let an alarm clock go on for 20 minutes straight if you let him:

Nah, she’s the wrong color:

Joe Biden is really gaining momentum going into 2020 as he’s a solid Democrat:

Poor gator:

She obviously set it to bacon:

Something for gamers and gaming today:

Been a time or two we haven’t had A. Cortez starring in her own meme

Show us what you’ve got!

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