Biden Still Ahead As Warren Tries to Gather Support

Still the frontrunner

It must be Joe Biden day at Sparta Report, as Bruno has already posted about the media’s obvious desire to get Biden out of the race as quickly as possible. The problem is, the voters aren’t cooperating:

This poll tells a story of Elizabeth Warren rising. But not Joe Biden falling.

The former vice president now clings to a narrow lead over Warren in our CBS News/YouGov Tracker estimate of convention delegates — the only count that ultimately matters — with an estimated 600 delegates of all delegates available through Super Tuesday, to Warren’s 545.

Warren has gained delegate share as supporters of other, lower-tier candidates have been switching their preferences toward her.

For instance, Warren has benefited most from former Kamala Harris supporters switching their allegiance. Twenty-nine percent who were backing Harris in July, whom we re-interviewed for this study, have switched to Warren. Biden picked up 15% of former Harris backers. Partly as a result, Harris has fallen behind in the delegate estimate from her position earlier this summer, when she was closer to the upper tier of contenders.

What is going on is that the weaker SJW candidates - Beto, Kamala, and Buttigieg - are beginning to shed support as their former backers correctly perceive they cannot win. Those backers have collectively settled on Warren as a backup, and the media is gamely doing its best to promote her as a serious challenger to Trump.

Harris in particular was a favorite of the “technocratic” far left in Silicon Valley, and the media pushed her hard for years until it became clear she had no ideas and no charisma with which to attract and maintain support. The media has started writing postmortems on her campaign already. If the Silicon Valley technocrats have switched support to Warren, she will get a substantial boost.

Biden still has a solid block of support, because a substantial chunk of the Democrats are not insane (or at least less insane than the SJWs). While Biden is a weak candidate, he is a vehicle within the party for the normal people remaining to stop the SJWs. Whether Biden can hang on and make it through the primaries is another matter. There are obviously questions about his health, and the media has been attacking him almost as relentlessly as Trump for months now.


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