We Have Mass Shootings Because There Are No Frontiers

An interesting take…

Mass shootings have become a fact of life for many people in America today. While these unique crimes don’t occur with anywhere near the frequency that the Left claims, mass shootings have been on the rise. Additionally, the modern mass shooting is a relatively new phenomenon.

Politicians and pundits debate the potential solutions to mass shootings daily. The Left, of course, believes that the only way to stop mass shootings from occurring is by going door to door and confiscating everyone’s guns. Those of us on the Right know that such actions would only lead to an escalation in violence. Neither side, however, has gained any real ground in this debate.

More importantly, however, is the question that no one seems willing to ask. Namely, why are mass shootings occurring with greater frequency now than at any time in American history? Bill Stone, host of Tales From SYL Ranch, thinks he’s found the answer.


Honestly, I’m not sure if I agree with Bill’s assertion as to the cause of mass shootings. I think there’s a lot more to it than that. Specifically I’d like to look at the media’s role in propagating mass shootings, as well as the role of powerful drugs such as SSRIs.

Ultimately, however, I agree 100% with Bill’s conclusions, especially with his short term solution to the problem of the mass shooter.

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