A New Day For Memes

Stay safe out there Carolinian Spartans. Regardless where you are or what you’re doing, here are some memes to help lighten your day. Borrowed from various corners of the internet:

This sums up Gropey Joe pretty well:

Looking for living embodiments of memes? Look no further than the Presidential field of Democrats:

Also related to Joe from yesterday’s…um…”performance”

Checking in with the latest on Epstein:

It just sounds nicer to call it “Google”

Just a reminder that Storm Area 51 is right around the corner:

Oh its not just Schumer, my own two Senators, one known as that Guy Who Lost A Very Winnable Election In 2012, are pretending that they’re so outraged over the Pentagon building the Wall by using legally diverted funds:

Just a reminder for those college kids out there who keep being told that you just need the “right” people in place to make it work:

In case you need some help in understanding simple gun terms:


Gym goals:


That would fit her:

Ok Spartans, let’s see what you’ve got.

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