Memes Without Bad Intent

Welcome to another Memes thread, all of them devoid of that thorny “intent” clause that always seems to be mysteriously unknown when it comes to Democrats breaking the law:

Heckuva job Mr. Barr. You’re just as useless as Jeff Sessions & Christopher Wray, and it’s just going to mean that these bad actors will get copycats in the future. But that’s what you swamp creatures want, isn’t it? (I am being told that he could still face prosecution over FISA abuses, but I’ve seen zero evidence that the DOJ has the balls or the desire to prosecute anyone violating policy or breaking the law if they’re part of the Deep State Class).

Ok, with that off the chest, H/T To Ms. Contrarian Scientist for this laugh from last week!

Anyways, in case you were baffled by what the Democrat’s campaign strategy is for 2020:

CNN gets more proper treatment from Carpe Donktum:

Throwing this one in there, for any Star Wars fans about the premises:

Does this make Macron the Green Goblin or the Hobogoblin?

And since we had one Spidey meme, let’s do two:

Who says that politics doesn’t pay really well?

Take a quick breather for something non-political:

Obviously it was just a coincidence that both cameras around the cell also committed suicide that same night:

Something nerdy:


Things getting spicy for the squad

My parents couldn’t figure out how to do that, so I was ok. But my kids…

“What’s a garbage disposal?”

We’ll end with this video (strong language warning) that sums up the Democratic debates, pretty well (excepting the implication that Andrew Yang’s ideas are “good”):

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