Weekly Memes In Need Of A Home

Another week, another meme thread. With memes curated from around the interwebs, all for your selfish enjoyment.

Who’s ready for hunger & breadlines (for subpar bread)? Vote Democrat if you are!

Related fun:

Unfortunately for Harris, no one’s looking to vote for her anymore:

Well I guess that’s one way to celebrate Halloween:

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Should we start a debate over pineapple on pizza? I know some people get really passionate about it…

I don’t know if these really help when reading stuff on the internet, but it could only improve the NYT:

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It’s National Videogame Day. Here’s a sad history summation of how feminism has been working it’s….”magic” on gaming culture:

Time for an animal meme:

Time for a less morbid animal meme:

Welcome to Clown World:

Let’s end with a message from The Squad:

Ok Spartans, share what you’ve found out there!

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