Tulsi Votes for Impeachment Rules and You’re Surprised?

Tulsi Gabbord, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Hawaii’s 2nd district [Note 1], voted today for the rules package to conduct an impeachment hearing of President For Life Donald J. Trump.

This has caused more weirdness on Twitter such as:

Yes, she said only last month that the phone call with the Ukrainian President didn’t make a “compelling” case for impeachment. But that’s so last month after all!

She also said that she wouldn’t be seeking reelection but we all know how those things go when “the people” demand that she reconsider.

And then there’s always the more than likely possibility that she had “the talk” and while she may not want to be in the House, there’s lots and lots of other possibilities for a young, bright, attractive [Note 2], Democrat who tows the party line.

There wasn’t any upside what-so-ever for her to vote against the rules package.

In other words, she’s a Democrat. Period. And why anyone thinks that someone who says that “Donald Trump is corrupt — he is unfit to serve our country as president” isn’t a dyed in the wool Democrat I can’t imagine.

Of all the Democrats running for president, Tulsi had elements of saneness about her which was a refreshing change. Right now she’s like that person in the zombie movie who’s doing everything they can to keep from becoming a zombie by trying to blend in. “Uh, uh! Orange Man Bad!” But if the zombies ever get a hint that you’re faking it, they’ll eat your face off! It’s just the way zombies are. Unfortunately for her, she’s just a minor character in the movie and the zombies are going to have their way with her before the third act.

If we get to an actual impeachment vote, will Tulsi vote yes? Of course she will!

Will there be a job waiting for her once she leaves Congress? Of course there will!

Could Tulsi actually become the Democrat nominee for President? Well, maybe. The field so so horribly weak than anything is still possible. Sanders will not be the nominee after his heart attack and I do not see Buttigieg gaining traction with African-American voters. There’s any number of ways Biden could go down which would leave Warren and Gabbard. That would be a cat fight worth watching!

Gabbard could well make the argument that she’s the only one in a position to track back to the right to pick up a few Trump voters. Warren certainly isn’t going to do it!

Regardless, Tulsi Gaddard is a Democrat and while she’s not totally insane (yet!), she’s wrong about most everything. I’m also enough of conspiracy theorist to believe that Hillary said the silly things she said as a means to direct attention to Tulsi. If so, it had the desired effect of raising her poll numbers.

My prediction is that impeachment gives Tulsi the opportunity to track further left in an attempt to win the nomination with possibly enough time to track back to the right. This would be Bill Clinton 101 and hopefully the country won’t fall for it again should it come to pass.

[Note 1: No, she’s not a Senator regardless of what Ann Coulter thinks!]

[Note 2: Bruno hardest hit.]

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