Happy Meme-O-Ween

Happy Halloween Spartans. It’s Thursday, which the Dark Overlord of the site has decreed is the day to share memes and laugh at them. It’s an order, so I do what I can to lessen the impact of being forced to do something.

Always at the cutting edge of the news, we have obtained a copy of the magazine that the Democrats are busy using in Congress to get all of their ideas from:

The media sure has been into prayers over the past week

A helpful guide to understanding what “journalists” really mean

Doggo of the Year, no doubt about it

Gee, that Drumpf sure sucks at foreign policy, doesn’t he?

Who works for Russia? Just ask Hillary Clinton!

The good netizens of the world have been helping keep Jeffery Epstein in the news. What’s your favorite meme that shares a helpful fact, along with the fact that he definitely did not kill himself?

Katie Hill was just so upset that her reprehensible behavior forced her to resign, because men are bad or something

I’ll never understand why this hairstyle has been a “thing”

There are only two genders, in case that scientific fact has been lost on ya:

For those in the family who like their showers set to “Lava”

Greta had quite the pick for Halloween this year.

Ok, let’s see y’all ruin some dreams with the dankest of memes.

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