The Most Impeachable Memes Of The Week

Peachmint Fevah!

It’s time to trigger a lib some some dank memes, collected from various parts of the interwebs, including Gab and Meme World and some other big tech sites. Let’s dig in:

In case you know someone who needs a visual history of the past week or so

For any Legend of Zelda fans out there, this is awesome:

Meet the new frontrunner of the Democrat primary - she literally behaved like is shown in the video until her own DNA test proved she’s a liar. Guess that’s just rich white privilege at play, eh libs?

Place your bets on when Ukranian Joe will be out of the race. He’s been dropping like a rock…

Of course, it’s ok to attack a child if they’re committing WRONGTHINK

Let’s take a quick break for some heavy metal history:

Image may contain: 3 people, text

This really works, I’ve seen it happen real time.

Is it secret? Is it safe?

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“But what did I do?”

I’m kind of indifferent on the whole vaping thing, but this one made me laugh. #asthmakids

In case you missed one of Garrison’s latest works of art:

Putting this one at the bottom for a trigger warning on lots of strong language, so NSFW unless you’ve got headphones. AOC’s knows what a garbage disposal is, so she’s got this!

Okie dokie Spartans, let’s see what you’ve got.

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