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Best Memes of the Week - 1st week of 2019 Edition

Welcome to the first “Best Memes” thread of the year! I’m your host, Spartan Hero, curating a number of memes to pop-up this week. They’ll cover politics, but will get into some other non-political subjects as one doesn’t need to be on politics, all the time (right?).

Let’s start off with a meme I made yesterday to celebrate my newfound shame as a Utahn, thanks to the 3rd senator from Massachusetts

By popular demand, this has graduated from hyperlink to thread-worthy:

Followed by THE HORROR of the government shutdown

Replacing the Obama signs military hats meme with this one that’s hot right now thanks to President Trump:

2019 is off to a good start with the psychotic screamers that like to show up at small retail:

Speaking of MA’AM Man:

Well, they don’t give up easily, that’s fer sure:

I hope you didn’t hit the liquors too hard this New Year’s Eve…

And gyms are always busiest in January between all of the resolutions and sweets consumed lately:

Gotta have a gaming meme:

And for Alexandra, I haven’t found many new ones worth sharing so it’s up to you in the comments!

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