Best Memes of the Week For Your Health & Benefit

Welcome to another wonderful post about glorious memes. I saw a tweet by Carpe Donktum and had to cook something up that is more appropriate:

Democrats just can't get enough of made-up fantasies!

To paraphrase John Nolte, aren’t you just pumped that we no longer have Mr. Magoo as the Attorney General?

So, have you seen Big Popular Movie Of The Year yet? Here’s a spoiler:

I’m also contractually obliged to share at least one GoT meme since that’s what everyone’s talking about:

The logic is sound:

We’re going to be laughing at the “superior intellect” of Joe Biden for the next year or so:

There’s a new Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer out…and it is already providing an endless supply of memes to the internet. Heckuva job, Paramount. Click here for another Sonic meme bonus:

Wise cat:

You’ll have to be an old fart to get this one:

We all know the pain…

I really need to find the time to do another gaming thread:

Ok Spartans, now it’s your turn. Have at it!

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